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Top Hotels in Shengjin

Tanushaj Beach resort,an amazing destination, creating unforgettable moments for
generations of local visitors, travellers and families. This resort become one of the most
beloved homes in Shengjin, a place where families gather together to celebrate special
occasions, where the travelers stays to be amazed from our beach, our culture and
welcoming , where entrepreneurs talk business
Modern stylish but also unique and familiar, full service, outstanding restaurants with
traditional and Mediterranean culinary has everything you need to make lifelong memories.

2. Parking Space​ 3. Swimming Pool 4. Clean Facilities
Come and be amazed from our resort, our facilities , rooms and welcoming approach.

Tanushaj beach resort

Top Reasons to Stay In Our Hotel


We are positioned near the sea and this makes our location one of the main reasons we are the most selected destination for your vacation


Enjoy a delicious coffee or cocktail and be amazed from the breathtaking view of our beach bar



With more than 10 years of experience, our staff is qualified to respond to any request and to ensure a satisfactory stay in our hotel

Swimming Pool​

The Pool area is the heart of the hotel. Escape to where sea and beach views are endless. Our pool, is a peaceful retreat to all our guest. Enjoy our panoramic gardens and terraces where you can relax and enjoy our large swimming pool


Our Standard

Hospitality at the highest level

Great attention to detail

Comfortable staying

Qualified staff

Guests are family

Best prices